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Loraine Sammy is based in Vancouver, BC Canada.

As a production artist she has worked in the  games industry for two years to create:

  • concept art for Wii, mobile phone and PS/XBox games
  • production art for Wii, Nintendo DS and mobile phones
  • HUD and UI interface for Wii and Nintendo DS
  • card illustrations for collectible card games

As an illustrator she has freelanced for twelve years to create:

  • personal commissions of character concepts and world-building – including action and dynamic scenes
  • promotional art for published young adult novels
  • sequential art for small-publisher comics
  • storyboarding for live-action short films and animated shorts

Her primary media for paintings and illustrations is Photoshop. She also works in ink, watercolour and pencil.

Loraine grew up with sci-fi, fantasy and superheros, from the kitschy fun Star Trek: TOS to the breathtaking addiction that is Dragon Age.  She enjoys creating life and story in her illustrations and paintings, with a focus on establishing an immediate and visceral connection between the subject matter and the viewer.

Loraine is familiar with working with clients both in a company work environment within an Art Department team, as well as on a one-to-one direct transaction between artist and client.  She is well-versed in the importance not just of quick turnaround, but also that quality work must also exceed client expectation.  The back-and-forth critique process of creating art for a client is not daunting; rather, it is a welcome and exciting exchange of ideas.

Detailed commission information coming soon.

You can contact Loraine at: with any further questions or queries.




Over 12 years experience in:
– Character concepts and world building
– Magazine and comic book cover illustrations
– Promotional art for published young adult novels
– Sequential art…

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