design and illustration


Assassins of the Creed

Some original characters based off the video game series Assassin’s Creed

Photoshop 2012

green lanterns

Green Lanterns! I’m a huge fan.

Photoshop 2012

dreams of the bard

Photoshop, 2012


Green Lanterns meet South Park

It was almost two easy to see the Earth sector Green Lanterns as the four boys from South Park. Characters are from DC Comics Universe.

Photoshop 2011

Lantern Park

Two Arrows

Arrowette and Arsenal, two characters from the DC Comics Universe. It would be awesome to see them team-up!

Photoshop 2011
Arrowette and Arsenal

WW2 Dogfight tattoo

Photoshop, 2011

Commission for a tattoo. I love helping people design tattoos.  He wanted a depiction of the WW1 Canadian memorial at Vimy Ridge, with the WW2 planes fighting in the skies above it.  Looks like the Allies are winning again!

Dogfight Tattoo


three happy couples

Commissions for various people. Everyone loves couples!

Photoshop 2010

couple 1

couple 2

couple 3

Happy couple

Quick flat sketch of a couple, just for fun.

Photoshop, 2011

happy couple

Park Concept

Design for a park landscaping. Commissioned by a park board member.

Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop, 2011

park concept

Greyscale sketches

Two commissions sketches.

Photoshop 2011

commission sketches